New Year's Sale - Lego Area Downtown Fire Brigade - Sale-A-Thon:£70

New Year's Sale - Lego Area Downtown Fire Brigade - Sale-A-Thon:£70

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New Year's Sale - Lego Area Downtown Fire Brigade - Sale-A-Thon:£70 - Lego City Set

The building plaything collection also features a large fire ladder vehicle along with new-for-January-2019 working light and also audio block, extending stabilizers, opening storing space on the edge and face, extending/swiveling turn table step ladder and also a fire pipe with new-for-January-2019 pump unit along with 'water plane' function.
Chopper steps over 3' (8cm) high, 7' (19cm) long and also 1' (4cm) wide.
Push the fire step ladder truck lighting and dependable brick as you nationality the firefighters to the performance.

Consists of 7 Metropolitan area minifigures: 2 building and construction laborers, a captain and 4 firefighters.
Bring up the step ladder and also squeeze the bellows to dispatch the water components as well as take the fire components down.

This great collection also includes a fire rescue helicopter along with opening up cockpit, rotating rotors as well as new-for-January-2019 multi shooter, R.O.S.-T3 the remote-operated auto (ROV) with extending paws as well as new-for-January-2019 multi shooter, plus a fire motorcycle.
Crane assesses over 9' (24cm) higher, 8' (21cm) long and 4' (11cm) vast.
Fire step ladder truck actions over 3' (8cm) high, 15' (39cm) long as well as 2' (6cm) broad.
Swing the crane around and lift the porta-toilet right into the air along with the vise.

Property with construction region, incl. lamppost as well as porta-toilet, steps over 10' (27cm) higher, 8' (22cm) broad and 4' (12cm) deep.
Protect the citizens of Area along with the incredible 60216 Downtown Fire Brigade collection, featuring a big fire ladder truck along with new-for-January-2019 functioning light as well as sound block, expanding swivel step ladder as well as fire hose along with new-for-January-2019 pump with 'water jet' functionality. This exhilarating collection also consists of a 3-level property with rooftop, construction place along with fence, dropping lamppost and a porta-toilet along with completely removable top and front end, plus a free-standing crane with spinning upper arm and performing vise. There is actually likewise a fire helicopter with opening cabin and R.O.S.-T3 the ROV, both along with a new-for-January-2019 multi shooter, as well as a motorcycle along with room for notifying illuminations, as well as 7 minifigures.

Device aspects include 2 cautioning lightings, a radio, 2 sets of smoke gear, 12 water aspects, jackhammer, sandwich, 2 canteen, remote-control element for the crane, 2 new-for-January-2019 fire centers and also a remote-control component for R.O.S.-T3 the ROV, plus 9 toppling, buildable fire elements.
Lots as well as push the bettors on the multi shooter of the helicopter and R.O.S.-T3 the ROV to assist battle the blaze.
This outstanding set consists of over 900 pieces.
This creative toy collection includes a 3-level building with roofing, connected building and construction location with fence, device holders, falling lamppost and also a porta-toilet along with detachable peak as well as front end, plus a free-standing crane with rotating arm as well as working winch along with hook.

New Year's Sale - Lego Area Downtown Fire Brigade - Sale-A-Thon:£70

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New Year's Sale - Lego Area Downtown Fire Brigade - Sale-A-Thon:£70

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